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Seeing Double – New Years 2014

There’s so much to look at in Music Manor in 2014 that you’ll be seeing double! We’re now an authorized dealer for Laney Amps, and we’re having a huge guitar, amp, and drum clearance sale!

Announcing Laney Amps

Since they were formed in 1967, Laney Amps have been the go-to choice for rockers and metal pioneers who need that extra “push over the cliff.” Lyndon Laney designed his first amps in his Dad’s garage while playing with none other than John Bonham and Robert Plant in Band of Joy, fer cryin’ out loud. Those amps went on to define the sound of Heavy Metal when Black Sabbath used them on their first record. So, there’s your street cred, Jack. Since then they’ve been played by everyone from Randy Rhoads to Vinnie Moore to Warren Di Martini to Ace Frehley and George Lynch and whole scads of others. Get in to The Manor and add yourself to that list, hair farmer!

Huge clearance deals on Guitars, Amps, and Drums

Take a look at these offers and hustle on down to The Manor to see the rest first-hand.

Save over $210 on a Schecter Ultra Bass with Hardshell Case
Save over $200 on a Schecter Banshee Guitar
Save over $100 on an Ibanez ARZ307 Guitar

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Call or stop in and get ’em before they’re gone!

Happy New Year!