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Did you hear about Gallien-Krueger bass amps?

Well, sure, you probably already know that Gallien-Krueger bass amps are pretty sweet. They’re the choice of bass players across the full spectrum of musical styles. From Jazz guys to GWAR, their artist roster reads like a who’s-who of the top musicians in the world. And yeah, you probably also know that Music Manor is the place to go to get Gallien-Krueger amps.

But what you DIDN’T know, until right now, is that Manor is now able to give you deals that are so low that we can’t advertise the prices! All we can say is “40% off or more!!!” So, like, let your imaginations run with that bit of info.

Bottom line is: If you ever wanted a Gallien-Krueger bass amp, now is the time!! Call, or better yet, come in to The Manor and check it out before these amps are gone like the wind.