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A&S Drums and Music Manor present Rich Pyle

See and hear what makes A&S Drums the ultimate custom drums this weekend

Mike Andrews & Josh Swain started A&S Drums in Lansing, MI in1989 while searching for a sound that they couldn’t find with the drums that were available to them. Since then, A&S Drums has become renowned for making custom drums that look as phenomenal as they sound. A&S Drums has garnered many fans since then, and one of their biggest, Rich Pyle, is coming to Music Manor on Saturday, April 9 to talk about what makes them so unique.

You may know Rich Pyle from truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” or from his career in music with Daniel Harrison and The $2 Highway and Superlast. From 12-4 pm, Rich will be on hand along with Mike Andrews & Josh Swain to show off some of their amazing drums and answer questions at our meet and greet event.

Check out the A&S Drums website for photos and more info, and come in to The Manor Saturday, April 9th to see firsthand why A&S is the choice of so many drummers. See ya there!

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Certified Used – Spotting the best deals is even easier now!

Music Manor has great deals on used instruments, look for the Certified Used tags when you come in!

Music Manor has been known as THE place to buy, sell, and trade used items for over 30 years. Customers frequently ask us “where are your Used (fill in the blank…)?” but all this time we’ve never tagged our Used inventory any differently than the New. Now, by popular demand, meet our Certified Used item tags!

What does a Certified Used item mean to you?

  • “Certified Used Items” will now be easier to find on the sales floor. (“New Items” will retain the classic blue & gray tags.)
  • We have extended the warranty on all “Certified Used Items” from 15 days to 30 days. (“New Items” retain Manufacturer Warranties.)
  • We’ve expanded our certification check list to include at least two stages of multi-point inspection: One at the point of purchase or trade-in and another when the item is being offered “For Sale”. 
  • We have over 30 years of experience in evaluating “Used Items” for condition and fair pricing!

We are ALWAYS interested in BUYING, TRADING, CONSIGNING, and offering short-term PURCHASE OPTIONS (“loans”) on quality used items. If you have something you would like to sell, contact us today or call (517) 393-5995!

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2015 Holidays – Two great Promos!

They say ’tis better to give than to receive, but what if you could do BOTH??

This holiday season, Music Manor has three great ways to give. One is the usual way where you get something from The Manor and give it to someone you like, and they go “I looooove it!!” The other two are our Holiday Promos…

What can 2 get you?

This holiday season, Music Manor wants to give you a chance to win a $200 shopping spree! Spend your winnings on anything in our wide selection of gifts priced at $200 or less. This includes things like a Tama SLP snare, Shure Microphones, a Peavey Raptor stage pack, Peavey basses and Vypyr amps, a microphone and mixer, Ibanez mandolins and acoustic guitars, Sabian cymbals, and MORE!

For your chance to win, visit our Facebook page:

Buy $100, get $15

When you purchase $100 worth of merchandise from 11/30/2015 through 12/23/2015, you will receive a card for $15 towards anything on your next visit!

The merchandise must be purchased in a single visit, and total $100 before tax. Customers may only claim one discount card during promotional period. Discount card is one-time use, and cannot be used with any other offers or discounts. Cards are valid 1/2/16 to 6/30/2016.

Come in to Music Manor and have a look around. Our helpful staff can recommend the perfect gift, even if it’s for YOU 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

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Outlaw Pedals – Buy Two & Get a FREE Hangman Pedal!

Buy two Outlaw Effects pedals and get a FREE Hangman pedal!

Setting up the right tone stack for your guitar rig can make a night-and-day difference in your sound, and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of cash. You can get a range of tones from Outlaw Effects by chaining, or “stacking” their pedals. When you stack effects, they play off of one another to let you do things like go from a rhythm sound to a clean sound to a lead sound without needing to resort to multiple amps.

Fortunately for you, Music Manor has teamed up with Outlaw Pedals to put together a special limited time offer: Get a FREE Hangman overdrive when you buy any two Outlaw Effects pedals! Come in to The Manor soon and try out some of the killer pedals from Outlaw Effects. Pick two and get a Hangman overdrive for FREE! You can stack the Hangman with another pedal like the Outlaw Five O’clock Fuzz or the Boilermaker and add some reverb like the 24K Reverb pedal, and BAM you have yourself three stages of gain plus a great reverb box for a very reasonable price.

Here are a couple of pedal stack demo videos to get your ears jumping. Check ’em out and skeedaddle in to The Manor to play through the full lineup today!!

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Did you hear about Gallien-Krueger bass amps?

Well, sure, you probably already know that Gallien-Krueger bass amps are pretty sweet. They’re the choice of bass players across the full spectrum of musical styles. From Jazz guys to GWAR, their artist roster reads like a who’s-who of the top musicians in the world. And yeah, you probably also know that Music Manor is the place to go to get Gallien-Krueger amps.

But what you DIDN’T know, until right now, is that Manor is now able to give you deals that are so low that we can’t advertise the prices! All we can say is “40% off or more!!!” So, like, let your imaginations run with that bit of info.

Bottom line is: If you ever wanted a Gallien-Krueger bass amp, now is the time!! Call, or better yet, come in to The Manor and check it out before these amps are gone like the wind.

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Nice Rack – Up to date inventory from our On The Rack section

You asked for it, you got it. We’ve added a section on each department page that has current gear on it. You want to see what’s on the rack as far as guitars? Go to the guitars page. You want to see what kind of drums we have on the floor? Go to the drums page. We’re constantly turning over inventory, so you can come back often and snoop around. And, as always, you can call or come in and our pros will help you find the perfect piece. Don’t sit back and watch them slip through your fingers, strike like the Cobra!

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ESP Guitars

Join the ranks of the legendary – get an ESP. It’s that easy.

ESP is one of the legendary names in guitars that’s favored by an incredible list of musicians, and now Music Manor is proud to be able to bring them to you. Since 1975, ESP has created numerous iconic instruments for legendary players spanning every genre of music. Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of guitars and basses means the very best options for you as a player.

Every guitar that bears the ESP name undergoes a careful and rigorous process of quality control and craftsmanship that culminates in some of the finest instruments on the planet. Stop in to the Manor and play one today, your fingers will thank you.

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Crush Drums & Alvarez Guitars – Lightning Strikes Twice at Music Manor

At Music Manor, we are constantly looking for instruments that will provide exceptional quality and value to the musicians that we serve. And now we proudly celebrate the arrival of two stellar lines of instruments to our hallowed halls: Crush drums and Alvarez guitars.

Crush drums take pride in their innovation, quality construction, and the satisfaction of delivering killer drums to musicians everywhere. The level of detail and craftsmanship of Crush means you get a drum that looks as good as it sounds. Take a look, you won’t believe your eyes, and then hop in the van and come down and feel them.

Alvarez has been one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the U.S.A. and around the world for nearly 50 years, and they are known for their quality and innovation. Alvarez instruments are known for their tone and feel and some of the most amazing artists over the last five decades have gravitated towards the brand and its guitars. Come and sit with an Alvarez in our special acoustic sound room and you will understand what all the fuss is about.

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Seeing Double – New Years 2014

There’s so much to look at in Music Manor in 2014 that you’ll be seeing double! We’re now an authorized dealer for Laney Amps, and we’re having a huge guitar, amp, and drum clearance sale!

Announcing Laney Amps

Since they were formed in 1967, Laney Amps have been the go-to choice for rockers and metal pioneers who need that extra “push over the cliff.” Lyndon Laney designed his first amps in his Dad’s garage while playing with none other than John Bonham and Robert Plant in Band of Joy, fer cryin’ out loud. Those amps went on to define the sound of Heavy Metal when Black Sabbath used them on their first record. So, there’s your street cred, Jack. Since then they’ve been played by everyone from Randy Rhoads to Vinnie Moore to Warren Di Martini to Ace Frehley and George Lynch and whole scads of others. Get in to The Manor and add yourself to that list, hair farmer!

Huge clearance deals on Guitars, Amps, and Drums

Take a look at these offers and hustle on down to The Manor to see the rest first-hand.

Save over $210 on a Schecter Ultra Bass with Hardshell Case
Save over $200 on a Schecter Banshee Guitar
Save over $100 on an Ibanez ARZ307 Guitar

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Call or stop in and get ’em before they’re gone!

Happy New Year!