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Back to School!!

Did you know that it’s easier to purchase a name brand, school approved, pre-owned, fully warranted band instrument from Music Manor than to rent or lease one somewhere else? It’s true!

Music Manor only buys, sells, and trades the best quality reconditioned instruments available. Our prices are so reasonable that, for the cost of a few month’s rental fees, you can own one! And, if your student decides that they were really meant to play a different instrument, we’ll buy it back! Why throw away your hard earned money?

And don’t forget that Music Manor has reeds, flip folders, lyres, valve oil, and many other accessories to support your student’s continued success throughout the school year.

Make a quick phone call today, or better yet swing in to Music Manor and get your pick of the litter before the bell rings.

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What a Hangover 2013 New Years Preview

Music Manor's 2013 "What a Hangover" sale

Grab some Alka-Seltzer and a breakfast taco and hustle it on down to The Manor!

Whadda ya waiting for? While you’re sitting there in your pajamas watching the Snooki & The Situation marathon and wondering “Did I really post that to Facebook?”, there are people at The Manor scoring some deals!

Music Manor has a serious hangover. No, we didn’t over-do it on St. Ides, it’s a different kind of hangover. We have merchandise left over from 2012 that is still here and we need to move it out to make way for new gear in 2013. So from now until the end of January you can get up to 50% off suggested list price on select items! One they’re gone, they’re gone so come on down and take a look.

We know you shred like a rabid beaver

Maybe you do a lot of hammer-ons. Maybe you are a lethal paradiddle ninja. You like the meedley-meedley and the blickum-blickum, we get that. Anyone with that kind of intensity is going to plow through sticks and strings, and it’s bad times when you find yourself yearning to play Flight of the Bumble Bee with no B. So for 2013, yer pals at The Manor have come up with the Lucky Sevens Sticks & Strings Club punch cards.

The Lucky Sevens Sticks and Strings Club

Here’s how it works: When you buy sticks or strings at Music Manor, we’ll punch your card once for each set. Buy 6, and the 7th is on us. We’ve got you covered, now get out there and arpeggiate!

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Spend $100 get $15 back

At Music Manor, we are constantly looking for instruments that will provide exceptional quality and value to the musicians that we serve. And now we proudly celebrate the arrival of two stellar lines of instruments to our hallowed halls: Crush drums and Alvarez guitars.

Crush drums take pride in their innovation, quality construction, and the satisfaction of delivering killer drums to musicians everywhere. The level of detail and craftsmanship of Crush means you get a drum that looks as good as it sounds. Take a look, you won’t believe your eyes, and then hop in the van and come down and feel them.

Alvarez has been one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in the U.S.A. and around the world for nearly 50 years, and they are known for their quality and innovation. Alvarez instruments are known for their tone and feel and some of the most amazing artists over the last five decades have gravitated towards the brand and its guitars. Come and sit with an Alvarez in our special acoustic sound room and you will understand what all the fuss is about.