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This 1980s E-Mu Drumulator was purchased from the estate of the original owner – a musician and collector of some renown here in Mid-Michigan. It has been in storage and un-played for at least 30 years (until we fired it up).

We believe that the uncommon (and useful!) Midi addition is from the factory which, based on our research, was added to these units in the later part of their run in the early-mid ’80s. Also, it does not appear to match the appearance of aftermarket mod kits. The solder work, wire/cable management, etc. appear to be of the same vintage as others inside the unit (see photos).

It’s been tested to the best of our ability here in the shop and seems to be functioning correctly. The pots, fader, and tact buttons needed a light deoxidation and lubrication. The more it’s used, we’re confident the consistency of operation will improve.

The cosmetic condition is very nice with no flaws worth mentioning.

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