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The Audio-Technica KP-Drums Drum Mic Pack is a comprehensive drum/percussion miking solution consists of four microphones—two Snare/Tom mics and two Kick/Tom mics—specifically engineered for drum applications. Also included in the package are a durable carrying case and a drum key. The A-T Snare/Tom microphone features a moving coil dynamic design with cardioid polar pattern for accurate reproduction of snare and rack toms. This allows the mic to focus on the desired sound location, such as the “sweet spot” of the drum head, while controlling feedback and isolation between sound sources. With a frequency response of 100-12,000 Hz, the mic is engineered to handle fast transients and high SPLs. The Kick/Tom mic also features a moving coil dynamic design with cardioid polar pattern; it has a frequency response of 60-12,000 Hz. This combination, plus the mic’s ability to handle high SPLs, enables the Kick/Tom microphone to deliver superior results on bass drum as well as floor and “deep” rack toms. The KP-DRUMS KitPak mics feature all-metal construction, built-in adjustable stand mounting and a low-profile design for minimum visibility and versatile placement options around the drum kit. Output is via a three-pin professional XLRM-type connector.


  • Four custom-engineered cardioid dynamic drum mics
  • Road-ready all-metal construction
  • Low-profile percussion-style design
  • Built-in adjustable stand mount
  • Each KP-DRUMS KitPak™ includes two SNARE/TOM mics, two KICK/TOM mics, a durable carrying case and a bonus drum key
  • KICK/TOM and SNARE/TOM mics are also available individually

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