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Get your hands on the Used Nady HPA8 Headphone Amplifier today!


  • Eight stereo headphone channels in a convenient single rack package enable multiple signal distribution options for monitoring flexibility
  • Each channel has separate volume control and ¼” stereo outputs
  • Over 100mW of power per channel with full spectrum audio response and maximum headroom (even at high volume headphone levels)
  • No-compromise circuit design, SMD technology and low-noise op-amps for reference
  • Quality, transparent audio with maximum headroom even at high headphone volume levels
  • Three balanced, line-level input channels with capacity to distribute one input signal to all headphones or group the headphone outputs (depending upon input configuration) for monitoring flexibility
  • Mono/Stereo selector switch for each set of inputs
  • High-quality, rugged 1U construction for maximum reliability
  • Shielded internal power supply with ~115V(60Hz)/~230V(50Hz) select switch and fused IEC power cord connector

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