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The Peavey LA400 Combo Amp produces 210 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load., and is designed to enhance the warmth and smooth operating characteristics normally found only with tube amplifiers. The LA400 also features the Gain Block ™ which consists of three controls: pre gain, saturation, and post gain. This Gain Block ™ allows the player total control of the overal texture of harmonic content and overload characteristics by varying the amount of drive of the pre gain and the saturation control, and finally adjusting the post gain to the desired output level. The combination of the input dynamics, saturation effect, and the extremely effective equalization circuit enables the LA400 to quite literally simulate almost any guitar sound available from any amp, old or new.

This unit also features a second normal channel that is footswitch selectable. In addition to the above, the Peavey LA400 Combo Amp comes loaded with the Black Widow/Super Structure loudspeaker whose characteristics have been carefully matched to complement the frequency response, power output, and damping factor of the LA400s power amplifier.

Since the LA400 is an extremely powerful single unit amplifier, Peavey included their patented DDT compression circuit. As applied to this particular amp, the DDT feature will allow the power amp to operate at optimum levels without distortion. When distortion is utilized within the Gain Block ™, however, the DDT circuit allows the preamp to generate the warm tube-like harmonics without the harshness created by the power amp.

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