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The Zidljian ZHT 14″ Hi Hat Pair top off your drum kit with a commanding presence. If you want a cutting cymbal sound, you’re on the right page. The Zildjian ZHT 14″ hi-hats are versatile hi-hats with plenty of bright attack and fast decay. Featuring SheetBronze alloy, these hi-hats give you a higher pitch and more focused overtones than cast bronze. Zildjian’s ZHT 14″ hi-hats are designed to give you crisp, incisive sound at an incredibly affordable price. Step up to bronze quality with the Zildjian ZHT 14″ hi-hats.


  • Set of 14″ hi-hats
  • SheetBronze alloy uses 88% copper and 12% tin
  • Higher pitched than cast bronze cymbals
  • Focused overtones and fast decay

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