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Please read the entire description carefully. Answers to questions regarding condition are contained therein.

This is the classic chrome over aluminum model that has been reported to be the “most recorded snare drum in history.” It’s been heard on thousands of studio and live performances from artists and genres ranging from classic rock, country, jazz, blues and even heavy metal. It is probably most famously known as the snare drum model used by John Bonham.

The “B” after “LM402” indicates that this is a B-Stock drum. Generally, some insignificant cosmetic flaw earns the “B-Stock” designation – never a mechanical issue. We carefully inspect and tune every snare. If we find a noticeable flaw, we won’t offer a drum for sale or we will mention it in a unique listing. Of the over 150 units we’ve sold, only a few have had flaws of any kind. These B-Stock drums lack serial numbers as well.

This drum features an aluminum shell, a blue and olive badge, imperial lugs, P88AC throw off and Atlas cast butt plate.

Truly a killer, brand new player’s instrument at a greatly reduced price.