• LEVEL: Unbridled Fuzz.  Volume to taste.

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The Moustache Audio Toothbrush Fuzz will transport you to 1970, with this modern take on the rare Kay Effector Fuzz.  The Kay Effector was a guitar ahead of its time, with 5 onboard effects, including a raw, unbridled fuzz.  We have brought this fuzz circuit into the 21st century by including some modern improvements to run on a pedal power supply, while retaining all of the vintage charm that makes it great.

This is a no-frills fuzz, because there is one control, Level.  Just like the original, you can only control the output level of the pedal, which is the simple genius of this circuit.  One Knob. No Frills. No Fuss. Just Fuzz.


  • LEVEL: Unbridled Fuzz.  Volume to taste.

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