• Level: Controls the overall volume of the pedal. Let’s be honest, less isn’t more, more is more.
  • Fuzz: Determines how much fight you’ve got in ya. From tame to thick brutal fuzz, it does it all.
  • Attitude: How tough are ya? This will change the bias of the circuit to introduce sag and spitty attitude to the Walrus.
  • Power: 9v Operation
  • Hand built right here in Lansing, MI

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Meet the Moustache Audio Whisker Fuzz:

Are you ready to tussle? The Whisker is a fuzz that packs a punch. Based on a Silicon-Germanium hybrid circuit, the Whisker was designed around a limited stock of NOS Soviet Germanium transistors. The Whisker takes you into classic fuzz territory and beyond while retaining the clarity and definition of YOUR sound. The Whisker is our secret weapon for great fuzz tones, and it never backs down from a fight. The Whisker has 3 controls to GROOM YOUR TONE.

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