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Lucky Sevens Picks and Strings archive

Maybe you do a lot of hammer-ons. Maybe you are a lethal paradiddle ninja. You like the meedley-meedley and the blickum-blickum, we get that. Anyone with that kind of intensity is going to plow through sticks and strings, and it’s bad times when you find yourself yearning to play Flight of the Bumble Bee with no B. So for 2013, yer pals at The Manor have come up with the Lucky Sevens Sticks & Strings Club punch cards.

The Lucky Sevens Sticks and Strings Club

Here’s how it works: When you buy sticks or strings at Music Manor, we’ll punch your card once for each set. Buy 6, and the 7th is on us. We’ve got you covered, now get out there and arpeggiate!