• Certified USED
  • Condition Excellent
  • Includes SP150 Condenser Microphone W/ Shockmount, Case And XLR Cable
  • Includes H224 USB Interface
  • Includes S400 Headphones

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This Sterling Audio Recording Bundle includes the SP150 Condenser Microphone, the H224 USB Interface, and the S400 Headphones. The microphone includes a hard carrying case, a shockmount, a direct mount, and an XLR cable.

The SP150 mic features a Class-A FET electronics that captures all the sonic details you’re looking for — with a silky high-end, smooth mids and solid lows. And with its cardioid pickup pattern and high SPL handling, you can place the SP150 it in front of almost anything and get great results with a full frequency range for analog and digital recordings.


  • SP150 large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone
  • Class-A FET design provides smooth, full-frequency response
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects back and side sounds
  • 136dB Max SPL handling is ideal for high-volume sources
  • Dimensions: 7.1″ tall, 1.9″ max diameter
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs.
  • Requires phantom power

The Sterling Harmony H224 Audio Interface delivers studio-grade circuitry, superior sound quality, and flexible monitoring, all optimized for desktop recording.


  • 192kHZ/24-bit capability
  • Class-A preamplifiers
  • Studio quality audio converters for capturing professional audio and reproduction
  • Mic preamps come professionally equipped with PAD and High Pass Filters
  • Dedicated metering on each input and output path for optimal signal monitoring
  • Direct Monitoring switch allows for monitoring signals pre-DAW

The Sterling S400 Studio Headphones are designed for the discriminating professional recording engineer and studio recordist who needs an uncompromising set of headphones for recording, tracking, mixing or pure musical enjoyment.


  • 40mm drivers with advanced soundstage for superior sound reproduction with increased low-frequency response
  • 90º Rotatable ear cups for comfort and single-ear monitoring
  • Circumaural design fits over the ear for comfort and isolation
  • Detachable headphone cable with twist lock
  • Removable, replaceable and lockable ear cushions
  • Foldable design for convenient transportation and storage

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